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How about some fall energy saving tips for our peeps?

Saving energy in Mississippi get easier as fall approaches. Days and nights get cooler, windows and doors are opened, and grilling outside is much more tolerable than in summer. Saving energy might not be top-of-mind in fall, but it is one of the best times in Mississippi to save a ton on energy. Here are a few good fall energy saving tips.
Use a programmable thermostat – Program the heat to come on when you’re home and to turn off when you are not home. For each degree you drop the temperature you can be cutting 2% off your energy use for the heater.

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Why is a clean AC coil so important

One of the most important things, to save money and repairs, is scheduling routine air conditioner maintenance to keep your AC running smoothly and efficiently year after year. And while every part of air conditioner maintenance is beneficial, the single step that...

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