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One of the most important things, to save money and repairs, is scheduling routine air conditioner maintenance to keep your AC running smoothly and efficiently year after year. And while every part of air conditioner maintenance is beneficial, the single step that makes the most impact is keeping the AC coil clean!

Why is a clean AC coil so important?

In order for your AC to run smoothly, every part needs to be clean and functioning properly. But when it comes to actually doing the cooling job, the AC coils are where the magic happens—here is where the actual transfer of heat takes place. Any buildup, from dirt, grease, dust, or even bacteria and microorganisms, can create an insulating barrier that makes it harder for the coils to do their job. This leads to all sorts of problems, from decreased efficiency and increased operating costs to a dramatically reduced lifespan.

So how often do you need to clean your AC coil? Is once a year enough? Is once a season too much? It all depends on the environment the coil is in. For most people, once a year is plenty—the only times you’ll see AC coils needing to be cleaned more often are in greasy, hot, dirty environments. If you’re unsure, a technician from Alan’s Heating & Air Conditioning in the Hattiesburg/Oak Grove area, will be able to help you. And, as our technicians found out, you might even make a couple of new friends.  Share Us!!!! #

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