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2 Big Reasons to buy a 2 Stage OR Modulating Furnace

2 Big Reasons to buy a 2-Stage OR Modulating Furnace in Houston, TX?

The team at Lennox has done a good job at clearly explaining how their Lennox Furnace Precision Comfort works in the following video. Go ahead and watch it. We will discuss the benefits they bring up.

From the video you’ll notice the emphasis on two elements. COMFORT and EFFICIENCY.  These are the reasons you should buy a better furnace than a single stage even in a hot climate like Houston, TX.

1. Comfort

Comfort is a moving target sometimes.  When you are truly comfortable you never stop and think, “Wow – I sure and comfortable.”  It is more likely you think about comfort ONLY when you are uncomfortable bc when you are comfortable people think …. well nothing.  Life is as it should be.  You might think in the spring time, wow this weather is so comfortable,  thats because you were just uncomfortable for months.    

Lennox and other air conditioning manufacturers have figured out that by making blower motors that can alternate speeds it allows for a more consistent and therefore comfortable climate.  No more walking over to the thermostat saying, “Geeze, when will this unit turn on.”  Instead by alternating the speed of the blower from 30% to 100% the home does not have as many fluctuations in temperature throughout the day as a system that runs at 100% or 0%.  Additionally, lower motor speeds create longer run times for the furnace.  You might think this uses more energy but it does not.  

Longer run times not only keep a consistent room temperature but also allow for the system to remove more humidity during the cooling cycle.  When your air conditioner works it creates a more comfortable environment by taking out heat and humidity.  Air conditioners are not just pushing cold air into your house.  If you think I’m crazy find a friend who is a scientist and have them explain it.  Moving on,  just like when your cup condensates in the summer time when it is filled with ice. The same phenomenon happens in your air conditioner.  Inside your attic, closet or basement.  when air runs across the cool coils the coils absorb heat and capture the water in the air.  Thus the more ‘run time’ your air conditioner has the more chance it has of doing more of that.  Pretty awesome benefit.

2. Efficiency

Multi-speed furnaces not only make your home more comfortable by providing consistent temperatures but they also allow for less energy consumption.  Previously furnaces with a single stage gave 100% then dropped to 0% then back to 100%.  This is exhausting for the blower motor.  By dropping into speeds that require less energy to run the overall efficiency increases compared to single stage.

This is not limited to when you are heating your home.  The furnace’s blower motor also happens to run when you are cooling the house.  When the air conditioning is no the furnace blower motor is the same motor that blows for heating.  Thus the technology allows for lower energy consumption during the cooling and heating of your home.  It works year round.


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